Events - 2012

November 10

With a lecture on an interesting and talking subject-matter such as ''The basic problems of the endangered self-dependency in the «Sasna Tserer» epos'' spoke in the museum the worker of the institute of literature of the NAS after M. Abeghyan, candidate of philological sciences Satenik Avetisyan. The presents listened with the whole of attention her thorough, profound and meaningful lecture, during of which the author disclosed and deeply analyzed many important basic questions stirring us today. Novelties for the presents have been the revelations and observations that S. Avetisyan presented, via the epos bridging the historical past and present.

October 30

On the occasion of the 137-th anniversary of Isahakian in the museum was organized a meeting with the members of Writers’ Union of Armenia Gagik Davtyan, Nelli Shahnazaryan, Eduard Hakhverdryan, Husik Ara, Nelli Nazaryan, Manik Achemyan, the year’s best books authors. The measure opened the museum’s director Hasmik Melkonyan. Then the president of the Writer’s Union Levon Ananyan presented the authors, spoke about theirs requirements and obligations. At the measure participated also the Master’s grandson Avik Isahakyan, by the way, that day he has awarded by the medal after Nansen. Those who showed up with a speech such as Henrik Edoyan, Edvard Militonyan, Vardan Devrikyan and some young writers made estimation and gratitude speeches about Isahakian’s literary heritage noting that the life and work of great poet is a bright example of patriotism and an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our people nowdays too. In the end of the event were sounded songs by performance of Sedrak Grigoryan, artist of the state academic opera and ballet theatre. Accompanied Ani Turvandian.

October 19

In the museum was organized a measure with the title “Poetic meeting, invitation in the Master’s home” which was dedicated to the poetess Manik Achemyan. Were present the musician Vardan Hakobyan, representatives from the Ministry of diaspora, cultural workers, listeners of the National university of literature and art, students of different HEI, the pupils of the high school after Mher Abeghyan with their teachers K. Shitikyan, F. Galavaryan and Z. Gaboyan. About M. Achemyan’s public and pedagogical activity spoke Ruzanna Mesropyan and Anjela Khorenyan presented the poetess’ recently published collected works “Summer, Sunday”. The meeting was warm and simpleminded. In the end of the measure the presents read verses from Manik Achemyan’s books published in different years.

October 17

On the occasion of Avetik Isahakian’s death 55-th anniversary famous poets, literary critics, Isahakian’s museum’s and library’s collaborators, teachers of the school after Isahakian, pupils as well as admirers of Isahakian’s literary heritage had visited to the Master’s tomb in Komitas Park Pantheon. Their heart’s speech made the poets grandson Avik Isahakian, the literary critic Samvel Muradian, the poet Edvard Militonian, the collaborator of Master’s museum Ruzanna Mesropian, the teacher Gayane Srapian and the others. There were presented also pieces of Isahakian’s immortal works by performance of the recite Gayane Samvelyan and by Isahakian’s school pupils.

October 11

The teachers and pupils of 5th class from the educational complex "Elita" took part in the educational program "The fairy tales of Isahakyan".

The curators of the program were the head of the department of excursions and public relations R. Mesropyan and Mariam Sokhakyan.
After the cognitive excursion were read "The Most Useful Thing" and "Close Sun" fairy tales from the works of Isahakyan. The researchers of the museum helped the children to analyze, retell and perform the tales. After they painted what they heard and learned . The program was very interesting as it took place in the house-museum of Av. Isahakyan.


The exhibition on the themes of creations by the children will take place in the museum in future.

Within the frames of  ”European heritage days” Avetik Isahakyan house-museum presented itself with following program:
30 September 2012
Headed under the title “Road” were exhibited maps of Western Armenia, former Soviet Union, Karabagh and Transcaucasus from Isahakyan’s personal collection. A part of the presented maps are published in France and other foreign countries.

Within the frames of  ”European heritage days” Avetik Isahakyan house-museum presented itself with following program:
29 September 2012
In 1948 Isahakyan visited Karabagh. About that visit of Varpet spoke with report the museum’s senior researcher Tsoghik Nazaryan and the pupils of the school after Isahakyan read extracts from the book “Life under the gun tube” of Bogdan Janyan. Then Mariam Sokhakyan spoke about Varpet’s /Master/ tours by historical places of Armenia citing Isahakyan’s exquisite sayings referring to Armenian architecture.

September 22

The event was dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the publication of the first Russian book of Av. Isahakyan “The flowers of Araz”. The speeches were made by the researchers from the National Academy of Sciences of RA Anahit Vardanyan (Ph.D on philology), Zaruhi Hayryan and Shogher Khachatryan.

The audience listened to the speakers with great pleasure.

September 15
The concert of Armenian singer Heros Hovsepyan from Diaspora  was took place in the museum of Av. Isahakyan-accompanied Catherine Hovsepyan. The jewels of world and Armenian classical music were played during the concert. Epraksya Poghosyan, Julietta Aleksanyan and Sargis Bazhbeuk-Melikyan were participating in the concert under the guidance of Rafael Hakobyants.

On the 30th of June

 “Kantegh" assembly of classical music presented a cocert in the museum of Avetik Isahakyan (soloists - Ishkhan Harutyunyan – saxophone, Arpine Kalinina - piano).
 The assembly of young musicians aims to present the real Armenian classical music from the source till nowadays.

  From 2010 “Kantegh" performed a number of concert – lectures of Komitas's creatures. The assembly came out with many concerts on this program in different  concert halls, cultural centres and educational institutions.

  The head of art of assembly is author of 21 lecture and and announcer, composer, pianist, laurent of  “Triumph" prize  Arpine Kalinina.

                                 Placard ...

June 16

Anzhela Kaloyan doctor of philological sciences presented a lecture in the museum. The subject was Shakespeare, the “Hamlet„ and the “Otello„ tragedies – the humanistic and universal ideas.

Those who were present attended the lecture with great pleasure because both the subject and Anzhela Kaloyan's beautiful, meaningful and expressive speech were interesting. The listeners directed her many questions concerning the theme in the end of the lecture.


June 1

A happy ceremony on children’s protection day was organized in museum. The ceremony was aimed as to congratulate their feast as to sum up this period of the educational program “Guest of tale” which was worked out and realized for middle and low grade pupils by the museum. An exhibition of the best painted works of pupils of 4th and 5th classes of the secondary school N37 was organized on themes of Isahakyan’s tales “The most useful thing” and “Near the Sun”. The illustarations were very beautiful and interesting and the organized happy, colourful ceremony on the occasion of the feast inspired and made glad children and their parents.

June 2

The last lesson of Armenian literature which was dedicated to Av. Isahakyan was organized by the pupils of school N37. They represented wonderful literary and musical composition from the most important episodes of poet’s life and literary heritage.

June 9

Solo concert of young singer Araks Avagyan took place in House-museum of Av. Isahakyan on 9 of June. The singer performed some creations of Armenian and Western-European composers. Accompanied the pianist Lilit Hakobyants. Solo performances took place during the event by the students of Epraksya Poghosyan and Julietta Aleksanyan from Yerevan State Conservatoire.

European Night of Museums

18 May 2012

“Isahakyan – “Literary newspaper connections””. Temporary exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the newspaper.

19 May 2012

1. Temporary exhibition “Books from Isahakyan’s personal library with the autographs of famous paersons”.

2. “Dialogue of times” – demonstration of the clothing of Av. Isahakyan and his wife Sophie in the 30th of the last century. The demonstration will be combined with the modern fashion performance with the students of the National Academy of Fine Arts.

3. Performance of the students’ rock group of the State Economical University of Armenia.

05 May

The presentation have been organized in the Memorial Museum of Avetik Isahakyan on 05 May 2012 held by Anahit Koryun. She presented a book “The best painter” which was dedicated to the memory of the Armenian artist Eduard Artsrunyan.

April 7

With a lecture on the subject “Sayat Nova: great singer of love” came out the doctor oh philological sciences, professor Samvel Muradyan. The audience listened to the interesting and emotional speech of the famous literary critic with pleasure. And as it was Aprl 7 the feast of maternity and beauty so the lecturer dedicated his speech to all of women.

March 17
With  a lecture on the theme “Armenian history and its art merits” came out the candidate of philological sciences, senior researcher of the Institute of Literature after M. Abeghyan Armen Manukyan. The people listened with great attention the lecture because the theme was very interesting and comprising.

Art Expo 2012 cultural exposition was organized by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Armenia from 3-4 March 2012. The venue of the event was the Painters Union of Armenia. Memorial Museum of Avetik Isahakyan took part in the event as well. On the third day of the Art Expo the staff of the memorial museum presented the educational programs of the museum with the collaboration of the pupils from school after F. Nansen. They presented some parts from the fairy tale “The most useful thing” of Av. Isahakyan. Teachers from the school after M. Abeghyan, Av. Isahakyan, Khrimyan Hayrik, V. Totovents and Maksedan foreign languages school were also present in the hall and they expressed their wish to collaborate and take part in those educational programs.

On the first day of the spring the 5-th formers of the school N:135 visited the museum. They congratulated the museum collaborators on the occasion of the first day of the spring and presented a literary composition from the works dedicated to the spring of our writers asa so as Isahakyan’s.

February 21
A ceremony has been organized in Memorial museum of Av. Isahakyan dedicated to the day of native language. The pupils from the school N 3 were participating in the ceremony under the guidance of the teacher of Armenian language and literature Karine Shitikyan.

   Miss Shitikyan came out with speech of salutation and congratulation on the occasion of the native language day. A very beautiful composition was presented by the pupils from the works of our famous writers which was called “Dedication to the native language”.

February 5
Meeting was organized in the museum with poetess Janeta Hakobyan. The member of Writer’s Union Vazgen Arakelyan thoroughly spoke about the works of poetess and her friends. The poetess made her heart’s speech to the presents in the end of the ceremony.

February 4
Concert “Young Voices” took place in the Memorial Museum of Avetik Isahakyan. The students of the vocal department of the Yerevan State Conservatoire named after Komitas participated in the concert under the guidance of Rafael Hakobyants. By performance of the jewels of the world classical music came out Liparit Avetisyan, Lyubov Tadevosyan, Epraksya Poghosyan-accompanied Lalage Abrahamyan.