Events - 2011

December 24
New Year ceremony was organized in the museum with participation of middle grade pupils of the schools N: 76 and N: 150 after F. Nansen of Yerevan. The clown Boumboumik amused sufficiently the children with joyful songs, dancing and plays, then Santa Claus and Snow Maiden joined them all and proposed some riddles to the pupils.

In the end they distributed them gifts. During the ceremony the participants were also looking at the exposition of drawings made by the same pupils on the subject of Isahakyan’s fairy tale “Close the sun”. The children left the museum merrily.

November 18
 Scientific reading organized in the museum dedicated the 100th anniversary of the poem “Abu Lala Mahari”. Scientists from Yerevan State University, Institute of Literature and representatives from different institutions participated at the conference.
The topics of the meeting were:

1. “Situation and projects of the Academic publications of Isahakyan and future plans”

Av. Isahakyan, Ph.D, professor

2. “Toumanian and Isahakyan in mutual definitions”

S. Hovhannisyan, Ph.D

3. “About the unpublished works of Av. Isahakyan”

A. Vardanyan, Ph.C

4. “The connections of Av. Isahakyan and H. Shiraz”

S. Muradyan, Ph.D

5. “Av. Isahakyan and Armenian medieval literature”

V. Devrikyan, Ph.C

6. “Western Armenian poets and Av. Isahakyan”

V. Kirakosyan, Ph.D


7. “The model of hero striving for freedom in the poem Abu Lala Mahari of Av. Isahakyan”

A. Khorenyan, Ph.C

8. “The features of the poetry of Av. Isahakyan in the Russian translations”

Z. Hayryan, Ph.C

9. “Av. Isahakyan and Levon Shant”

A. Manukyan, Ph.C

The reports were very interesting. Those who were present listened with great admiration and enthusiasm to all the speeches.

November 17
 Next meeting with the same school took place in 17 of November. The fairy tale “Close to sun” have read by the children. The program led by senior researcher Tsoghik Nazaryan. The impressions were so exciting that the children were asked to draw what they heard. The pictures were so wonderful that the staff of the museum decided to make an exhibition on the same theme on 24 of December.

November 15
 Different educational programs are organizing in the Memorial-museum of Avetik Isahakyan. Various schools are participating in such programs. One of those schools participated in the educational program which was titled “Fairy tales of Isahakyan”.
The educational program organized and provided by the head of the department of Exhibitions and PR at Memorial-museum of Avetik Isahakyan Ruzanna Mesropyan. The fairy tale “The most useful thing” was presented by the children. After they played different roles of heroes from the tale. R. Mesropyan helped the children to analyze and discuss what they have heard.

The children confessed that they will wait for the next meeting impatiantely.

November 12
 Meeting with the members of the Armenia sailboat was organized in the Memorial-museum of Avetik Isahakyan on 12 of November 2012.
Armen Nazaryan, Hayk Badalyan, Samvel Babasyan told about the main objectives and achievements of the Armenia sailboat. They shared interesting stories and facts with the presents.

The expedition which was called Saint Mesrop Mashtots came true under the flags of Republic of Armenia, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh and the Armenian Apostolic church. During the expedition they have collected interesting information about the Armenians and Armenian historical and cultural heritage in all 5 continents of the world. The head of the expedition was famous poet and publicist Zori Balayan. He shared his impressions with the presents and made his estimation speech to the other members of the sailboat such as Samvel Sargsyan, Vahagn Matevosyan, Samvel Karapetyan and Mushegh Barseghyan.

October 30
 Within the framework of poet’s 136-th anniversary presentation of Av. Isahakyan’s Complete Works of miscellanies organized on 30 of October 2001. Different political, cultural and social figures were present at the ceremony such as famous academician Sen Arevshatyan, Yury Suvaryan, writer and publicist Zori Balayan, Consultant of the Ambassador of Russian Federation in Armenia, scientific researchers from the Institute of literature and poet’s relatives as well.
The ceremony was provided by the grandson of the poet Avik Isahakyan who is also the director of the Institute of literature of the National Academy of sciences of Armenia.
The speakers talked about the scope of political, social, and literary activities of the great Armenian poet. The poet’s life and activity has always been source of inspiration for his nation.
The poem’s of Isahakyan were presented during the ceremony. A little concert took place in the end of the event which was organized and led by Rafael Hakobyants. The concert accompanied the pianist Lilit Hakobyan.

October 17
Komitas ParkPantheon was again crowded this day. On the occasion of the poet’s death 54-th anniversary the AvetikIssahakyanmemorial museum and library collaborators, the pupils and teachers of the school carrying his name, famous writers, literary critics as well as admirers of Issahakyan’s literary heritage had visited to the tomb of the Master. The poet’s grandson AvikIsahakyan /director of the Institute of literature after M. Abeghyan/, president of the Writers’ union of Armenia LevonAnanyan, poet EdvardMilitonyan, director of the General Andranikmuseum IlichBeglaryan, director of the Master’s house-museum HasmikMelkonyan, director of the library after Issahakyan and others made their heart’s and estimation speech.

During the ceremony pieces of Isahakyan’s immortal workswere presentedby performance of the reciter GayaneSamvelyan and the pupils of the school carrying Master's name.

October 1
In the circles of the ’’European heritage days’’ event a temporary exposition was opened in the museum’’: ’’From the manuscripts of the novel ’’Ousta/Master/ Karo’’ of Issahakyan’’ headed under the title ’’Written heritage’’.

The next day, on 2 of October a lecture took place: ’’The novel of ’’OustaKaro’’ of Issahakyan’’ (lecturer: AnjelaKhorenyan, museum chief keeper of the funds, candidate of philological sciences).

On 30 of September the next educational program was carried out in the museum: the tales of Issahakyan. In this program took part the middle grade pupils of the school N: 76 with their teacher AnahitHovhannisyan. The museum research assistant Mariam Sokhakyan conducted the program.

After a cognitive guided-tour the fairytale ’’The most useful thing’’ was read. Then the children analyzed, related the tale with the help of M. Sokhakyan and presented it by parts. Great was the children’s impression and enthusiasm especially as all that was passed in the memorial garden and with the special equipment prepared for the program. In the end the children confessed that they will wait impatiently for the second meeting when they will get acquainted with another tale of Issahakyan.

September 24
Today a classical music concerttook place dedicated to the 20-th anniversary of the independence of Armenia. The students of vocal department of the Yerevan State Conservatoire after Komitas there played under the guidance of Rafael Hakobyants.

There were sounded works from Armenian and European composers.

September 17
 The  candidate  of  philological  sciences  Arkmenik  Nikoghosyan came out with a lecture on  the  following  subject: «The process  of  independence  and  Armenian  literature»
      Those who were present, listened to the lecturer with great attention and interest because both, the subject of the report and the analysis and mentality of the young literary critic were noteworthy.
       Arkmenik Nikoghosyan also spoke about the actual problems of the modern literature.

       In the end of the lecture the listeners directed him many questions concerning the subject.

From 21 till 22 of July the Av. Issahakyan memorial museum joint with the cultural and pastime centre of Stepanavan organized a ceremony in the town of Stepanavan on the following program: Temporary expositon “Life and work of Av. Issahakyan” , literary readings dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the creation «Lilit» and a display of a video film about Issahakyan. The director of the cultural and pastime center of Stepanavan L.Magtaghyan, also the workers, the staff leader of Stepanavan municipality S.Ghazaryan took part in the opening of the ceremony.
Visitors observed the exposition accompanied by Av. Issahakyan memorial museum research assistant M. Sokhakyan, then the museum workers A. Khorenyan, R. Mesropyan and M. Sokhakyan presented the work “Lilit” and pieces from Issahakyan´s love–lyrics and memories as well. At the end the film telling about Issahakyan was displayed. It was gratifying that a group of servicemen from Stepanavan military unit was present at the ceremony. Those who were present wrote actively their impressions in the special journal.
The exposition will function for over one month.