Events - 2016

The museum held a happy New Year event.  

In the museum was held an event titled «A story of one painting» dedicated to a Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia Rafael Israelyan. The event was also attended by the artist Vladimir Grigoryan. And students of Art College after Panos Terlemezyan. With the lecture came out Head of the department of organizing expositions and excursions Ruzanna Mesropyan.  

In the museum was celebrated the 105th anniversary of the tale «Agha Nazar». The pupils of the school N155 after L. Mirijanyan made a very interesting and beautiful performance of the tale.  


In the museum took place a lecture dedicated to Misak Manushyan’s 110th anniversary. With the lecture came out a head of the department of organizing expositions and excursions: Ruzanna Mesropyan. After the lecture was shown a film and children’s of the school after Misak Manushyan represented his life and some of his works.  

In the museum was held a presentation of Av. Isahakyan legend «Lilit» printed in Braille version. November 13 is an international day of blind people. That’s way the museum wanted to print one of Isahakyan’s work in Braille version for blind people. It should be noted that Isahakyan work was published in Braille version for the first time. The director of the museum A. Khorenyan speaking about this initiative mentioned that the museum will try to publish also other works of Isahakyan. The copies of the books were distributed to different organizations and a «Facebook» contest winner Arsen Gevorgyan, who dreamed of having a literature published in Braille version.  

House-Museum of Avetik Isahakian held an event dedicated to the Teacher's Day.  

A measure dedicated to 125th anniversary of Osip Mandelstam.  

An event titled “Intercultural dialogue” with the national minorities communities of Armenia.  

In the museum took place the presentation of Russian book, titeled “The Old Yerevan in the stories and memoirs of Armenian classicals of the 20-40-ies”. Compiled and translated by Karine Khalatova.

“Tales and fables of Av. Isahakyan”
The awarding ceremony of computer competition.  


A measure dedicated to 170 anniversary of ashig Jivani.  

On June 11th, we debuted our first album "Tsirani Ensemble - Volume 1" at the Avetik Isahakyan House-Museum and performed it for our beloved fans.
Thank You so much to all who were a part of our journey. This album is a product of love.  

The guests of the museum were representatives of NGO "Mission Armenia".

"To the Sun"
The museum of Avetik Isahakyan organized summer school. During the school the children acquire knowledge and skills through interactive games, hand works and game-themed excursions.
Hurry to register, number of places is limited.  

Av. Isahakyan Home-Museum held an exhibition of paintings by Martiros Saryan school students dedicated to the International Children's Day. The Master's house was full of colors and happy smiles.  

In the museum took place a measure dedicated to 15th anniversary of independence of Armenia.  


      The performance of "Van" folk ensemble.
  The concert played by young musicians Edgar Yengibaryan (guitar) and Gnel Harutyunyan (flute).
The classical music concert.
Martin Grigoryan’s personal exhibition of paintings based on "Lilit" legend by Av. Isahakian.
Flash mob. March from the monument of Av. Isahakyan to the museum.

The International Museum Day.

In dedication to 95th anniversary of Av. Isahakyan legend "Lilit" in the museum was held a lecture. The lecturer was the director of the museum Anjela Khorenyan.

Another lecture was dedicated to the 101th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The lecturer was Tsoghik Nazaryan whith the theme “The patriotic activities of foreign prominent figures”. The participants listened and discussed the topic with great interest.  

In the museum was realized educational program named "Av. Isahakian’s tales". The participants were children from N33 school after Mikael Nalbandyan, including the children from the inclusive group.

In the event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Armenian independence, the museum hosted mothers, sisters and wives of YSU students, who were killed in Artsakh Liberation War.
The participants were the students of military-patriotic club “Vardanank” (headed by Satenik Abrahamyan) and the students from the schools No. 140, No. 16 and No.1.

In the museum was realized educational program named "Av. Isahakian’s tales and fables". The participants were children from Art center.

Within the framework of the days of Francophone, a temporary exhibition was opened in the Museum. French classical literature books, which Isahakian has acquired from Paris were presented. Then the participants Lilit Gevorgyan, Liana Melkonyan and Zhaneta Rushanyan presented the life and work of French symbolist writers. Some of the wonderful poems of Stephanie Mallarme’s and Paul Verlen’s were also read. Liana Melkonyan charmed the audience with well-known French songs.  

The museum was crowded on the occasion of World Poetry Day. Students from various faculties of YSU presented both the classical authors poems : Sayat-Nova, Isahakyan, Teryan, Charents, Sevak, Sahyan and the masterpieces of the universal poetry: Petrarca, Shakespeare, Byron, Charles Aznavour. The event turned into a real celebration. The audience was enthusiastically reciting their favorite authors' poems.  



Within the museum's educational programs another lecture was read by Nvard Vardanyan (PHD). The speaker talked about women's role in the Armenian folklore. She did an interesting comparisons of the women's role in the Armenian tales and Armenian epos "David of Sasun", with the women’s characters living in our time.
The audience listened and discussed the them with great enthusiasm.

In the museum was held an educational event. The participants were the pupils from Yerevan School N 140, class 8. The event was organized by teacher T. Guyumjian. Children not only presented interesting episodes from Master’s life but represented his poems . The recitation of the poems was very touching and beautiful.  

Another event was dedicated to the day of Maternity and Beauty.
The museum hosted mothers, sisters and wives of YSU students , who were killed in Artsakh Liberation War. The students of military-patriotic club “Vardanank” (headed by Satenik Abrahamyan) prepared beautiful words of gratitude and devotion dedicated to the mothers and relatives of worthy sons.
The event was i touching and warm.  

In the museum was held an event dedicated to the day of native language, which was attended by YSU Military- patriotic Club “Vardanank”. During the event were sounded national songs and works dedicated to native language. At the end of the event the Artsakh war hero, Major General Arkadi Ter-Tadevosyan and “Vardanank” Club Chairman Satenik Abrahamyan came out with a touching speech.  

On February 20, the museum hosted the poet Razmik Davoyan.